Hardiknas, Momentum for Transformational Education


Nadiem Anwar Makarim, Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and the Technology Republic of Indonesia push all educational performers to spiritize and live back Ki Hajar Dewantara’s idea. The momentum of Education Day (Hardiknas) on may second 2021 become effort to doing educational transformation.

Thus said Nadiem Makarim at speech who read by Prof. Rina Indiastuti, Rector of Universitas Padjadjaran on the Hardiknas Ceremony where belong to Unpad’s Campus Yard, Dipati Ukur Street no. 35 Bandung, Sunday (2/5). The ceremony held with tight healthy protocol.

Rector read that Indonesia’s educational transformation is still based on national history and has the courage to create a new history. This has been doing by kemendikbudristek through policy breakthrough, freedom campus study.

“The meaning transformation that we did is for everything that all this time making this nation going nowhere, could change becoming leaps progress”, Said Rector.

Nadiem said freedom of study breakthrough can reach all kinds of public’s level. Starting from educator and student from PAUD until high-level education, old man, vice public, regional government, public organization, until business world and industry from all over Indonesia.

Reported by Dadang Supriatna