Hardiknas, Momentum for Transformational Education


Nadiem Anwar Makarim, Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and the Technology Republic of Indonesia push all educational performers to spiritize and live back Ki Hajar Dewantara’s idea. The momentum of Education Day (Hardiknas) on may second 2021 become effort to doing educational transformation.

Thus said Nadiem Makarim at speech who read by Prof. Rina Indiastuti, Rector of Universitas Padjadjaran on the Hardiknas Ceremony where belong to Unpad’s Campus Yard, Dipati Ukur Street no. 35 Bandung, Sunday (2/5). The ceremony held with tight healthy protocol.

Rector read that Indonesia’s educational transformation is still based on national history and has the courage to create a new history. This has been doing by kemendikbudristek through policy breakthrough, freedom campus study.

“The meaning transformation that we did is for everything that all this time making this nation going nowhere, could change becoming leaps progress”, Said Rector.

Nadiem said freedom of study breakthrough can reach all kinds of public’s level. Starting from educator and student from PAUD until high-level education, old man, vice public, regional government, public organization, until business world and industry from all over Indonesia.

Reported by Dadang Supriatna

Terms of Registration and Thesis Writing Format

Notified to the students who will enroll for the exam session or hearing Thesis Research Proposal to pay attention to the registration requirements.

  1. Registration will be closed on Thursdays (10 days before thesis exam) each week.
  2. Students pay attention to the really standard of writing theses and dissertations can be downloaded at this website or its updates on the website unpad.ac.id
  3. Fulfill all registration requirements requested hearings.
  4. Due future trial registration can be done online through unpad each account, there will be socialization about it.

The more information can contact the academic (pak Rahadian/pak Dadang)

Unpad Held Second Period Vaccination for Lecturers and Staffs

Universitas Padjadjaran arranging second period vaccination for lecturers and staffs. The activities took place in sport facilities zone named Bale Santika Unpad, Jatinangor, Monday (19/4) until Thursday (22/4). The vaccination is followed by around of 2.200 lecturers and staffs in Unpad’s territory.

This event vaccination in order to re-opening face to face learning. Aulia Iskandarsyah, M.Psi., M.Sc., PhD as Director of Human Resources said it at the first period vaccination to Unpad Public Communication Office.

Reported by Dadang Supriatna

HIMMAKSI Presenting Webinar Research Metodology

HIMA of Master of Accounting Study Program Economic and Business Faculty will present an sharing session which will take topic “Systematic Literature Review”. This sharing session will be held on saturday, january 30th 2021 on zoom meeting.

This sharing session presenting Mr. Adhi Alfian as a keynote speaker who also one of researcher and lecturer in accounting department, Economic and Business Faculty Unpad and Agita Eka Yuliani as one end level of the students at Master of Accounting.

Tettet Fitrijanti as Head of Study hoping that this sharing session will give a huge benefit for students specially for the students that took systematic literature review as a metodology for their thesis.

*Dadang Supriatna

We’re Now Open For Registration!

Master of Accounting Study Program of Economics and Business Faculty’s, Padjadjaran University, has opened a new registration for new semester 2021/2022 year. Based on announcement from the official website Padjadjaran University, smup.unpad.ac.id, here are list of date of activities as present below.

No Kegiatan Tanggal
1 Registration Payment 29 Maret – 3 Juni 2021 (15:00 WIB)
2 Fill in Data, Document Upload and Registration Finalizing 29 Maret – 3 Juni 2021 (15:00 WIB)
3 Interview Test 15 Juni – 19 Juni 2021
4 Announcement 9 Juli 2021 – 14 Juli 2021

The results are going to be announced on July 9th, 2021 through pengumuman.unpad.ac.id. Therefore, Maksi’s leader expects the candidates can monitor through the link by entering the code number of participants.

Reported by Dadang Supriatna

Webinar Pengenalan Kampus MAKSI UNPAD 2020

Pengenalan MAKSI 2020

Kegitan pengenalan kampus MAKSI UNPAD 2020 dengan tema “Melalui Sukses Studi Mahasiswa dan Alumni Meningkatkan Kapasitas dan Integritas Diri, Serta Berkarya untuk Negeri” yang akan dipandu oleh Ketua Prodi Maksi, dan akan ditemani oleh Ketua IKA MAKSI, Pengurus IKA MAKSI, dan Ketua HIMA MAKSI periode lalu dan periode saat ini.

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