2,309 Participants Follow The Post-Graduate Program Admission

People will attend the admission of Padjadjaran University (SMUP) 2013 for Post-Graduate program. The number consists of 1468 participants of SMUP Magister Program (S-2), 355 participants of SMUP Doctoral Program (S-3), 486 participants of Specialist Program. This number is the amount that registered in SMUP Committee that has finalized to complete the identity by online and print out the card of participant.

According to the Head of SMUP, Dr. Ir. Denie Heriyadi, MS., almost all programs hold exams on Saturday (8/06), unless the Nursing Program for Critical Nursing specialization, Mental Nursing and Nursing Management has done the test today, Friday (7/06). The exam will be held on campus Unpad both in Bandung and Jatinangor based on their respective program. The exam information schedules and locations can be found on http://smup.unpad.ac.id/ page.

“We expect the participants to check the exams location on website, remind the test locations are scattered based on programs that they choose. Especially for participants from outside, we expect them to check directly to the test location, in which building where the place is. They better check it D-1, so they won’t get confused on the D-Day.” said Dr. Denie.

In this 2013 SMUP, the participants of Doctoral Program (S-3) will only get the exam materials in interviews form, except for the Psychology Program that added by proposal presentation and for Chemistry Program added by test. For participants of Master Program (S-2), participants will take an exam in interviews form, unless there are several programs that add tests other than interviews, such as written tests and research proposal presentations. While for Specialist Program, participants will get exam materials such as interviews, MMPI tests, written tests and lab tests. More information for exam materials can be found on http://smup.unpad.ac.id/.*

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Untuk Peserta program Magister Akuntansi (S2), pelaksanaan wawancara diadakan di gedung Magister Ekonomi Terapan (MET), jalan cimandiri No. 8, dimulai pukul 09.00 s.d selesai. (akd)