Dr. Hj. Tettet Fitrijanti : “”Challenges Ahead Will Not the same as the Present and Past””

In her speech, Chairman Prodi Master of Accounting Dr. Hj. Tettet Fitrijanti, Ak., SAS advised that the challenges ahead of her, will be very different than the challenges of the present let alone the past. That`s one excerpt message delivered by him at the Thanksgiving release Graduates Study S2 and S3 at the Faculty of Economics and Business, in the hall of the Master of Management Wednesday.

Dr. Hj. Tettet is hoping that between the alumni and the academic community still exists a close relationship, particularly in relation to aspects of positive feedback and support will be a milestone and success in the future.


Applied Research Methods Workshop

Prodi Maksi FEB Unpad in cooperation with the Indonesian Institute of Accountants (IAI) will hold a workshop with the theme is very interesting for the development of research methodology. Workshop with the theme “Applied Research Methods”, the plan will feature speakers Elvia Shauki, Ph.D.

This time he became one of the teachers at the University of Indonesia. He graduated from La Trobe University School of Business, Faculty of Law and Management Melbourne, which has long struggled in the research world.


For you, the student who is preparing a thesis or dissertation, or practitioners in the world of research, would be very helpful.

Prof. Dr. H. Nen Amran, MEc dan Prof. Hj. Koesbandijah, Ak. Meninggal Dunia

Kabar duka menyelimuti keluarga besar Unpad. Dua civitas akademika terbaik Unpad, Prof. Dr. H. Nen Amran, MEc., dan Prof. Hj. Koesbandijah, Ak., Guru Besar Fakultas Ekonomi & Bisnis Unpad, meninggal dunia pada hari Minggu, 28 April 2013. Segenap keluarga civitas Magister Akuntansi Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Padjadjaran turut berbelasungkawa yang mendalam atas berpulangnya dua Guru Besar yg penuh pengabdian dan patut diteladani.

Almarhum Prof. Dr. H. Nen Amran, MEc  yang juga merupakan ayahanda dari Sekretaris Bidang Akademik Magister Akuntansi, Gia Kardina, SE., M.Acc., Ak mendapat penghormatan terakhir dari keluarga besar Unpad di Mesjid Al Jihad Unpad, Jln. Dipati ukur 35 Bandung kemarin pukul 11.00 WIB, dan dimakamkan di pemakaman keluarga di Pasir Impun Bandung.

Prof. Dr. H. Nen Amran. MEc yang lahir di Aceh pada 7 Juli 1943 itu mengeyam pendidikan S-1 di Unpad, magister di University of New England, Australia, dan doktor di Ghent University Belgia. Semasa hidupnya, beliau dikenal memiliki spesialisasi di bidang ekonomi internasional.

 Prof. Dr. Hj. Koesbandijah Abdoel Kadir, M.S., Ak. pun dikenal sebagai Guru Besar FEB Unpad yang memiliki dedikasi tinggi dalam bidang ekonomi dan akuntansi, juga sebagai Ketua Badan Pengurus Yayasan Widyatama atas prakarsanya pada yayasan tersebut yang semula bernama Yayasan Pendidikan dan Pengajaran Akuntansi Bandung (YPPAB).

Call For Papers Deadline

The Asian Academy of Applied Business (AAAB) – a non-profit, academic-oriented organisation established under the patrionage of University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) – together with the School of Business and Economics (SPE), UMS are pleased to announce “The 6th International Conference of the Asian Academy of Applied Business (AAAB)2013” which will be held on May 30th – June 1st, 2013 in Bandung, Indonesia. The Theme of the Conference namely “Navigating the Asian Market trough the Global Economic Crisis” reflects the imminent chellenges that facing Asian business admist the global financial and economic crisis that currently plaguing developed countries. In this regards, we invite both academics and practitioners alike to present their working papers or participate in this Conference and contribute their valuable ideas particularly on issues related to the survival and competency of Asian business as well as regional economic stability. The AAAB Conference 2013 marked yet another successful conference organised by AAAB and SPE in promoting regional integration and cooperation especially amongst academia. Highly regarded as a popular tourist destination in Indonesia, Bandung was chosen as the venue for the Conference since it could offers unique travel experience for our esteemed participants.

Registration Fees & Important Dates

AAAB Members : USD300 (RM 900), Abstract Submission, Extended to 31st March 2013

Non Members : USD350 (RM 1000), Notification of Abstract Submission, 2 weeks after abstract submission

Full Time Students, USD250 (RM700), Deadline of Full Paper Submission, Extended to 30th April 2013

Notes :

  1. Participant who wish to present more than 2 papers may do so by paying USD50 for each addiional paper.
  2. Students must produce valid student pass during registration.
  3. We accept papers in English, Bahasa Indonesia & Bahasa Malaysia
  4. Participants who attended the 5th AAAB Conference in Cambodia are entitled for AAAB Members fee.


Manuscript should be written in a Microsoft Word format.


Manuscripts should be Margins 17×25 cm (6,87×10 Inches) of A4 size paper.


Manuscripts of papers should not exceed 10 pages inclusive of charts, diagrams and reference, and should be types single-spaced with font size 11, Times New Roman on A4 paper. Paper exceeding 10 pages will be charged at USD10 per page.


The title should be brief and typed in CAPITAL letters, centered and with at least 25 cm (1 inch) margin from the top of the page. If more than one line is required it should be single spaced. Please allow an extra space after title to type the name(s) of author(s). Following immediately below, the affiliated institution(s) and address (es) should be given, single-spaced, capitalising the first letter of all main words. An address of correspondence with telephone, fax numbers and e-mail address should be given.


Please allow three extra spaces between the address(es) and type the word ABSTRACT in capitalised, centered and bold. Indent approximately 13mm (1/2 inch) from both the left and right margins for the abstract. The abstract should be factual and contain the main results and conclusions of the paper. It should not exceed 150 words.

Key Words

Up to six keywords can be included in a separate line below the abstract.


Text should be clear and concise. Tables, figures and references must be cited in an orderly sequence. The text can be broken down into sections with major headings.


Tables, when they are part of the text, should have two extra spaces above and below the Table. The word TABLE should be bold and capitalised and carry an Arabic numeral. The table heading follows in bold capitalising each major word. Tables should be self-explanatory and footnotes may be added using symbols.


Figures should be 12.7 X 17.3 cm (5 X 7 inches) but no more than 20.3 X 25.4 cm X (8 X 10 inches). Figures should be typed in bold capitals followed by Arabic numeral and caption also in bold and capitalising each major word. Figures, graphs, and photographs should be self-explanatory and footnotes may be added.


References should be listed at the end of the text and arranged in alphabetical order by the surnames of the authors. Only references quoted in the text should be listed. Example:

Fiedler,F.E. (1967). A Theory of Leadership Efefctiveness. New York: McGraw-Hill

Porter, M.E. and Scott, S. (2001). “Innovation: Location Matters”. Review of Management, 42(4), 28-36.

For Further Information :

Ms. Irma Diah P.

phone : 022-2535172 or 081395107807

or Email to : maksibdg@yahoo.com


Kindly submit your registration form with full payment to:
The Secretariat, AAAB Conference 2013
School of Business and Economics, Universiti Malaysia Sabah
Jalan UMS, 88400 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, MALAYSIA

Tel: +6088-320000 ext. 1520 (Ms. Wahidah) /1519 (Ms.Azimah) Fax No: +6088-320360

Email: aaabconf2013@gmail.com  Website: www.ums.edu.my/spe/aaab2013

MOU-MOA Maksi-INCEIF (lanjutan)

Nama Spesialisasi Karya Ilmiah/Pendidikan
Prof. Dr. Hj. Ida Suraida, SE, MS, Ak  Auditing  S3, Universitas Padjadjaran, Fakultas Ekonomi, Bidang Kajian Utama Akuntansi, Spesialisasi Auditing
Prof. Dr. Hj. Ilya Avianti, S.E.,Ak.,M.Si. Manajemen Keuangan Analisis Kinerja Indikator Perdagangan Saham Di Bursa Efek Jakarta Vol. 8, No.1 Februari 2006 Jurnal Ilmiah ASET (Analisis Persoalan Ekonomi Terapan)
Prof. Dr. Hj. Winwin Yadiati, SE.,MS.,Ak Akuntansi Keuangan “Memberikan konsep konsep dasar mengenai penyusunan laporan keuangan dan transaksi bisnis suatu perusahaan jasa dan dagang.Ditujukan untuk masyarakat umum.” (Buku)
Prof.Dr. Azhar Susanto, SE.,M.Buss.,Ak Sistem Informasi  Master, Business System, Curtin University of Technology, Australia
Prof. Dr. Sri Mulyani NS, SE, MS, Ak Sistem Informasi Sistem Informasi Manajemen Rumah Sakit: Analisis dan Perancangan, Edisi Kesatu, ISBN 979-979-199006-0-8 (Buku)
Prof. Dr. H. Moh. Wahyudin Zarkasyi, SE.,MS,Ak Akuntansi Biaya Pentingnya Peran Internal Auditing Dalam Implementasi Good Corporate Governance Pada Badan Usaha Milik Negara (BUMN) Di Indonesia,Vol. 5 No. 1 , Jurnal Indonesia Membangun
Prof. Dr. Sukrisno Agoes, Ak., M.M., CPA Audit Chairman of Ethique Committee of the Indonesian Institute of Accountant (IAI) for period 1994-1998 and the Vice Chairman of SPAP Committee for period 1999-2001
Prof. Dr. H. Moh. Wahyudin Zarkasyi, SE.,MS,Ak Akuntansi Biaya Pentingnya Peran Internal Auditing Dalam Implementasi Good Corporate Governance Pada Badan Usaha Milik Negara (BUMN) Di Indonesia,Vol. 5 No. 1 , Jurnal Indonesia Membangun
Dr. MM. Nanny Dewi Tanzil, SE.,M.Comm,Ak Manajemen Keuangan The Risk Analysis of Foreign and Joint Venture Banks Operated in Indonesia : A risk Culture :  Brigham University
Prof. Armida S. Alisjahbana, S.E.,MA., Ph.D Ekonomi Publik, Ekonomi Pembangunan Doctor of Philoshopy (PhD) in Economics, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA
Prof. Dr. H. Nen Amran, M.Ec Ekonomi Internasional, Manajemen Pembangunan S3 Ghent University, Belgia
Dr. Sumarno Zain, SE,MBA, Ak Manajemen Keuangan S3, Universitas Gent, Belgia
Dr. Hj. Roebiandini Soemantri, S.E., M.Si., Ak Akuntansi Biaya Seminar Nasional : Kontroversi Penerapan Konsep Fair Value Accounting (Termasuk Mark-To-Market), Institut Akuntan Publik Indonesia
Dr. Tettet Fitrijanti, SE. MSi. Ak Manajemen Keuangan Research and Development Potential Tax of Withdrawal and Use Underground Water in West Java (Pekerjaan Kegiatan Pengkajian Dan Pengembangan Potensii Pajak Pengembilan Dan Pemanfaatan Air Bawah Tanah/ Air Permukaan DI West Java)
Dr. Hj. Nunuy Nur Afiah, SE, MSi,Ak Akuntansi Sektor Publik Prospek kelayakan Penentuan Cost of Services and Charging of Services di Sektor Publik dengan Menggunakan Activity Based Costing : Jurnal Akuntansi UNTAR
Dr. H. Harry Suharman, S.E., M.A., Ak Akuntansi Manajemen “Pengaruh Sarbanes Oxley Act dan Manajemen Risiko therhadap Profesi Auditor” : Jurnal Ekonomi dan Bisnis terapan, Pendidikan Ahli Administrasi Unpad
Dr.Hj. Poppy Sofia Koeswayo, S.E,MSA, Ak Manajemen SDM Pengkajian dan Pengembangan Strategi Pemberdayaan Potensi Perusahaan Daerah Di Jawa Barat
Dr. Djuminah, SE.,MS.,Ak Metode Penelitian S2, Magister Akuntansi, Universitas Gadjah Mada
Dr. H. Memed Sueb, SE.,MS,Ak  Perpajakan  S3, Program Pascasarjana Unpad bidang akuntansi
Dr. Srihadi Winarningsih,SE,MS,Ak  Auditing  S3, Doktor Manajemen Bisnis (Bidang Kajian Akuntansi), Universitas Padjadjaran
Nury Effendi, S.E,M.A., Ph.D Ekonomi Keuangan S3, The University of Oklahoma, USA
Dr. Djuminah, SE.,MS.,Ak Metode Penelitian S2, Magister Akuntansi, Universitas Gadjah Mada
Dr. H. Memed Sueb, SE.,MS,Ak  Perpajakan  S3, Program Pascasarjana Unpad bidang akuntansi
Dr. Srihadi Winarningsih,SE,MS,Ak  Auditing  S3, Doktor Manajemen Bisnis (Bidang Kajian Akuntansi), Universitas Padjadjaran
Hj. Prima Yusi Sari, S.E, M.E, Ak Manajemen Keuangan Evaluation of Working Unit Budget Plan (RASK) for Budget Year 2003 in Province of Jawa Barat
Hj. Sri Mulyani, SE.,MS.,Ak Akuntansi Sektor Publik Lokakarya Akuntansi Dasar, Pemerintah Kabupaten Sukabumi bekerjasama dengan LGSP USAID Lokakarya
Djoemarma Bede, S.E.,MBA.,Ak Audit Sertifikasi CPA (Certified Public Accountant), IAPI Sertifikasi CPA (Certified Public Accountant)
Sugiono Poulus, S.E.,MBA,Ak Auditing S2, Master of Business, Murray State University, USA
Hj. Euis Nurhayati, S.E, MSi, Ak Akuntansi Keuangan Metode Penilaian Bisnis (Business Valuation) Dalam Merger Dan Akuisisi Suatu Perusahaan
H. Dadang Bunyamin, S.E.,MBA.,Ak Sistem Informasi S2, Master of Accounting, Nicholls State University, USA
H. Hazainsyah, SE.,M.Si, Ak Metode Penelitian Push � Down Accounting: Solusi Alternatif Akuisisi Oleh Induk Perusahaan Dalam Laporan Keuangan Konsolidasi
Hj. Dini Rosdini,SE.MAk.Ak. Akuntansi Keuangan Debt Restructuring Module for Small and Medium Enterprises for Ministry of Cooperative and Small Medium Enterprises: Kementerian Koperasi dan UKM
Hj. Dini Rosdini,SE.MAk.Ak. Akuntansi Keuangan, Analisis Laporan Keuangan, dan Akuntansi Sektor Publik Master of Accounting, Master Program of Padjadjaran University
Iman Sarwoko,SE,Ak,Spec Lic Auditing S2, Rijksuniversiteit Te Gent,Belgia
Syaiful Rachman Soenaria, SE, MT.,Ak Akuntansi Manajemen S2, Magister, Institut Teknologi Bandung
Selly Herdianty, S.E.,M.S.Ak  Perpajakan S2, Program Magister, Universitas Padjadjaran
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