Registration Procedures

Payment of registration Fee:

All candidates should pay attention to the following things:

  1. All candidates can access to get billing numbers by clicking on Payment of Selection Fee Menu.
  2. On the Billing page, candidates enter their Name, ID numbers, ID numbers, choose SMUP Level, then click “Create No. Bill”.
  3. Candidates will obtain No. Bills of SMUP Selection Fee, click “Save/Print” button, then choose one of the payment methods below:
    1. [Bank] Show Bill to Bank Mandiri Teller, then pay by cash or transfer. Bank Teller will exchange it with No. Journal and PIN.
    2. [ATM]Enter No. Bill via ATM Bank Mandiri by selecting these menu: Payment/purchase > multipayment > enter university code (10056) universitas padjadjaran > enter bill number > choose “correct” > get the receipt contains No. journal and PIN.
    3. [INTERNET BANKING/IB] Enter your No Charge through by selecting these menu:Payment > education > 10056 – universitas padjadjaran > enter bill numbers > click “continue” > internet bank system will issue No. journal and PIN electronically for you
  4. Please enter No Journal and PIN to this site:
  5. The Journal and PIN numbers are strictly confidential and should not be shown to others. The consequences of negligence in maintaining of Journal Number and PIN are entirely the responsibility of the candidates.
  6. Selection Fee can not be refunded for any reason.
  7. Master Program Selection (S2) fee: IDR600.000 (can only be done through Mandiri Bank)

More information: Secretariat SMUP Campus Universitas Padjadjaran Jl. Dipati Ukur No.35 Bandung Tel. 022-2533737 (Hunting) http: Yahoo Messenger: