Schedule we offer:

  1. Weekday: Lectures are held on Monday-Friday workdays
  2. Weekend: Lectures are held on Friday night and Saturday

General Matters:

  1. Registration of candidates for the Year Academic Program 2017/2018 is conducted on-line
  2. The selection process consists of administrative selection (research proposal and TOEFL / IELTS score) and interview. (no written test)

Admission Requirements

  1. Indonesian citizen, or a foreign citizen who has the approval of the Directorate General of Higher Education Indonesia
  2. Recent photograph (colored) size 3×4 cm (uploaded when registering online).
  3. Bring previous graduation certificates (bring copy of certificate that has been legalized during the interview test)
  4. Bring academic transcripts that have been legalized to the interview test with minimum GPA required, 2.75 for both diploma and bachelor degree.
  5. Have TOEFL / IELTS score / certificate with minimum score, 450. (bring the original).
  6. Enclose Research Proposal for Thesis/Dissertation. Title and Summary of research that contains backgrounds problems, solution, objectives and research methods uploaded when registering on-line. Summary no more than 350 words. Bring 2 (copy) complete proposal during the interview exam.
  7. It is recommended that mentor/advisor already knows the previous research done by others and it contains at least one of five areas in accordance with the RIP Padjadjaran University. Five areas of Research Unpad include:
    • Food (Local Food for National Food).
    • Environment (Protection and Management of Natural Resources and Environment).
    • Health (Infection, Oncology and Medicinal Herbs)
    • Energy (Diversification and Conservation of Energy)
    • Policy, Culture and Information (Improving Quality of Life and Social Harmonization) Note: Research topics outside the five key Research Areas above, please refer to the existing research topics in each Study Program.
  8. Have a Recommendation from at least 2 people (Professor or Head Lecturer with minimum doctoral degree in the same field or the employer where you work). Letters of recommendation were taken during the interview exam.
  9. Candidates who proposes for BP-DN/BPPS and BU scholarships (lecturers and prospective lecturers), are required to complete the submission in accordance with the provisions from Directorate General of Higher Education Indonesia. All requirements of BP-DN / BPPS / BU must be submitted directly to Unpad Postgraduate Program Jl. Dipatiukur No.35 Bandung no later than two days after the interview on working hours.